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Bykski 480mm x 60mm triple row Copper Radiator - Ultra Thick - Black (B-RD480-TK60)-Radiator - Bykski
SKU: B-RD480-TK60
R 1,799.00

Bykski B-RD480-TK radiator is a triple row copper radiator.  The thickness of the radiator is 60mm which along with the triple channels gives a huge surface area for it's overall size.  This surface area provides solid cooling performance making the TK60 series a perfect solution for those that have room for it.

  • Triple Channel Design
  • Industry Standard G1/4 Thread
  • Copper Core
  • Material:Copper / Brass
  • Dimensions:395.5mm x 122mm x 60mm
  • Ports:2
  • Thread:G 1/4
  • Channels:14 / Triple Row
  • Pressure:1.5bar
  • FPI:14
  • Fan Spacing:15mm
  • Fan:120mm
  • 1x Radiator
  • Mounting Hardware - M3 x 30mm
Radiator is formed by a high temperature integrated soldering process.
Due to this, there will be a slight color change in the copper, this is s result of the process not rust.

Please pay attention to the length of the screw.
If the screw is too long, it will break through the radiator and cause water leakage and voiding warranty.

Radiator come with equipped with M3X30mm screws suitable for 12cm fans of 25mm thickness,
If you want to install a thinner fan, please choose the right length of the screw.