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Bykski AMD Kit has a DDC Pump / 66mm Reservoir Combo, is designed for users who like an efficient and high-quality combo kit that is ready to sync with 5V RGB capable motherboards from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and AsRock. 

The kit parts recommendation includes: 

-AMD CPU Water Block - Clear w/ 5v Addressable RGB (RBW)  x 1

-Bykski DDC Pump / 66mm Reservoir Combo w/ Armor x 1

-Bykski B-RD240-TN 240mm Single Row Radiators, 28mm Thickness Radiator x 1

-Bykski G1/4 3-Way T Adapter Block - Black (B-TE3-X) x 1

-Bykski Rigid 14mm OD Fitting - Black (B-HTJ-L14) x 8

-PETG Tubing 14/10mm 1x 100cm - Clear x 4

-Bykski G1/4 Male to Female 90 Degree Rotary Elbow Fitting - Black (B-RD90-X) x 2

-Bykski G1/4 Dual Male Rotary Extension Coupler - Black (B-DTSO-S) x 2

-Bykski G 1/4 Knurled Stop Plug - Black (B-PD5) x 1

Beginner AMD Bundle ATX Build Kit